Jewellery copy and content writing - a guide

Because writing for jewellery is special...

It’s through words your brand makes authentic connections with customers and audience. 

There’s so much to share about jewellery. Time honoured techniques and cutting edge technology. Luxurious and fascinating materials. Designs infused with detail and inspiration.

Jewellery is often a considered purchase, and almost always an emotive one. So jewellery marketing needs to speak to the heart. And how to do this? With on-brand, audience-centred writing…

Jewellery copywriting - for head and heart

From the moment a customer lands on your site or social media, your copy has a lot to achieve. Because however innovative, well designed, meticulously crafted, or beautifully photographed your pieces are, it’s words that make the sale.

Copywriting is deliberately constructed to encourage the reader to take action, turning first-time visitors into fans and browsers into buyers. With jewellery, the sales process is specific and sophisticated. Our customers need to be inspired and informed, reassured and romanced.

Your product and photography excites your customer, inspiring desire – but they buy because of how your copy makes them feel.

At Authology, we say jewellery copywriting is a balance of the head and heart. Your customers need the vital details required to trust your brand and make an informed decision, with the emotive appeal to make them fall in love.

Content writing - for humans and SEO

Effective brand storytelling crystallises the key aspects of your business into a succinct and impactful narrative. So how do you communicate all the other wonderful and important things there are to know about your brand and product? With content.

Content is a vital facet of your digital marketing strategy, key for both customer experience and driving traffic to your site. It provides education and value-rich material in blog posts, social media captions, articles, video and more.

Great content provides value to your audience, from an educational blog to an inspiring social media post. Content piques your customers’ interest, answers their questions, and builds trust in your brand.

Social media content helps you reach and nurture a new audience. Showcasing your story and product, your posts develop relationships and encourage platform users onto your own site or store.

On your website, content is a vital SEO tool. Offering relevancy, value and keywords, content improves your organic search performance and gives visitors reason to explore your site.

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