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Wearing My Mum’s Wedding Ring... by Eleanor Noyce

Siobhan makes expert comment in Eleanor Noyce's article examining why some people choose to wear and keep their wedding jewellery after divorce. "The narratives we weave around our jewellery can shift just as naturally as life does. No wonder, then, that some people hold onto these objects – they are, after all, part of their story."

Thrive by Design Podcast

How to Tell Your Story So That You Attract the Right Customers

Siobhan joined Tracy Matthews on the Thrive by Design podcast to talk jewellery brand storytelling. The podcast discusses how jewellery brands can tell stories that resonate, using storytelling to connect with their audience and niche.

Professional Jeweller

Love & Lust in Jewellery Marketing

Collaborating with Professional Jeweller for Valentine's Day 2022, Siobhan makes a proposal: you need both love and lust in your marketing. Siobhan uncovers how to create desire for your brand and jewellery, and how to turn a fling into a meaningful relationship...

Retail Jeweller

The Content Marketing Trends to Know in 2022

Writing in Retail Jeweller, Siobhan outlines four key content marketing trends for jewellery retailers and brands in 2022. Discover why this year brings a fresh sense of freedom in jewellery copywriting and brand voice...

Retail Jeweller

Weathering Post-pandemic Jewellery Retail with Storytelling

Writing as 2021 begins, Siobhan discuss the importance of storytelling when it comes to promoting your business in a post-pandemic world. Storytelling is not the only way jewellery brands can weather changes, but it is a powerful tool. Siobhan examines how brand and product storytelling helps turn upheaval into opportunity.

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