How to use brand story in your jewellery business

The variety of people your brand story touches is what makes it so powerful.

A unique brand story is now a vital facet of any jewellery business’ branding and marketing. But while it should be deliberately audience-centered, a brand story also has a series of distinct jobs to do across a number of audiences.

Compelling storytelling is not just there to connect with your customers. The impact of your story is more nuanced than simply reaching out to your ideal client.

Here’s how to use brand story in your business, across all your stakeholders and audiences.

Brand story for... prospective customers

A niche-targeted story lets your audience see themselves in your brand. It helps them understand how your work serves them.

Speaking to feelings and desires, your storytelling helps a new customer feel a connection and want to take the relationship further.

Brand story for... existing customers

The emotive story behind your brand motivates your customer’s purchasing. Your story lets them fall in love with your jewellery and long to make it theirs.

But jewellery, particularly fine jewellery, brings more than short-term joy. An engaging story fills you pieces with meaning, and ensures your jewellery brings pleasure to your customer in the years after their purchases.

Such a story encourages repeat custom, creating a world your audiences want to continue to be part of.

Brand story for... the press

A direct and distinctive story helps press contacts understand where you share an audience and why your jewellery brand would excite theirs.

Your story inspires editors and writers, giving them direction as to the narrative or features your brand could be part of. Pitch ideas stem from your story, giving multiple relevant reasons to reach out to new and existing press prospects.

Brand story for... retailers & stockists

Brand story is both a selection and sales tool for prospective and existing stockists. An authentic story helps to differentiate your brand during their selection process, proving why your jewellery deserves a coveted place on their shelves.

A strong story is a vital part of your brand and product package, providing the retailer with the emotive draw they need for the end customer. Your story demonstrates the value you bring to your partnership, giving them the tools they need to sell your jewellery.

Brand story for... suppliers & contractors

Anyone who supports your business needs to understand your story.

Your storytelling lets a website designer picture the experience a customer should have on your site. It inspires the visual storytelling of graphic designers and photographers, letting them know what feeling your brand should convey.

If you outsource any part of your written communication, a clear story lets your copywriter know who they’re speaking to and what narrative they’re reinforcing.

Brand story for... you

Finally, your brand story is there for you. Whether director or designer, having a clearly defined brand story makes your job easier and more impactful.

A story is the backbone of your brand. Your story makes it clear exactly who to target and with what narrative.

It gives you a framework around which to plan your copy and content. It provides a starting point for product stories and marketing campaigns. In short, it makes every part of your marketing strategy easier.

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